Wasafiri launches Kindle edition of print magazine

By Leo Shire on March 12, 2019 in

Wasafiri, the magazine of international contemporary writing is to release the first issue of its 35th year as a Kindle edition as well as print.

Wasafiri General Issue 97, which features interviews with JJ Bola, Salima Hashmi, Ania Loomba and Suvir Kaul, as well as academic articles on the writings of Caryl Phillips and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, will be the first issue of Wasafiri as both a Kindle edition as well as a print edition.

‘To celebrate 35 years of publishing and Wasafiri’s mission to connect international writers and readers across worlds, I am delighted that the diverse literary voices platformed in Wasafiri magazine will now travel even further,’ says Wasafiri Editor-in-Chief Susheila Nasta on the new Kindle issue.  ‘The new Kindle edition of Wasafiri magazine offers readers further opportunities to traverse the world through words, reaching new audiences, opening new vistas and connecting diverse imaginative landscapes.’

The Kindle edition of the magazine is supported by Wasafiri’s publishers Routledge. ‘We are excited by today’s announcement that Wasafiri is now available via Kindle,’ Routledge’s Rebecca Guest has commented on the release of the Kindle edition. ‘As part of our ongoing support of Wasafiri’s mission to ‘travel the world via the written word’, we are delighted to take the next step in our digital journey together by making international writing more available to an increasingly diverse range of readers, wherever they may be!’

The Kindle edition can be purchased via Amazon here or by following the link advertised on the Wasafiri.org homepage.