Wasafiri Issue 96

Issue 96, Winter 2018 Special Issue

Korea: Divisions and Borders 

Guest Edited by Phillip Y Kim and Krys Lee

Editorial by Phillip Y Kim & Krys Lee

Interviews with Chang-rae Lee, Jang Jin-sung, Jung Yewon with Jung Young Moon, Sora Kim-Russell with Pyun Hye-Young

Articles Private Life of the Nation, Between Tradition and Modernity, Representing Seoul

Art Heashin Kwak: Division and Diaspora

Fiction by Yun I-hyeong, Jung Jidon, Ha Seong-nan, Ch'ŏn Un-yŏng, Jung Young Moon

Poetry by Pak Jeong-dae, Han Kang, Kim Ki-taek, Song Gyeong-don, Kim Seung-Hee, Kim So-yeon, Sin Yong-Mok

Reviews: Mary Lynn Bracht White Chrysanthemum; Eugenia Kim The Kinship of Secrets; R O Kwon The Incendiaries; Pyun Hye-young City of Ash and Red; Hwang Sok Young Familiar Things; Kim Young-ha I Have the Right to Destroy Myself, Black Flower, Your Republic is Calling You; Han Yujoo The Impossible Fairytale

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