Wasafiri Issue 82

Wasafiri Issue 82

Issue 82: Summer 2015

The Brazilian Contemporary

Fiction by Susana Fuentes, Leila Guenther, Joâo Gilberto Noll, Ana Paula Maia, Elvira Vigna and Paloma Vidal
Poems by Josely Vianna Baptista, Paulo Henriques Britto, Marilia Garcia, Ferreira Gullar, Nuno Ramos and Marcos Siscar
Interviews with Sérgio de Carvalho and Marcelo Marisola
Articles on dilemmas of the idea of nation and literary tradition in Brazilian literary criticism until 1990, the tombeau of the Avant-gardes: 'the pluralisation of possible poetics' as a contemporary critical paradigm, translating Brazil and Pixação and Tourist Appraisal
Art Essay on Arthur Bispo do Rosário: The Ruse of Brazilian Art
Reviews of Hilda Hilst's The Obscene Madame D, Lydia Fagundes Telles 's The Girl in the Photograph, Rachel de Queiroz's O Quinze, Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares's Family Heirlooms, Veronica Stigger's Opisane switata, Rubens Figueiredo's Passageiro do fim do dia, Paulo Scott's Nowhere People, Andréa del Fuego's As Miniaturas, Adriana Lisboa's Hanoi and Ricardo Lísias's Divórcio


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