Wasafiri Issue 57

Wasafiri Issue 57

Issue 57: Spring 2009

Jewish/Postcolonial Diasporas

Interviews with Linda Grant and Vikram Seth
Poems by Richard Berengarten, Jenni Daiche, Ruth Fainlight and Elaine Feinstein
Fiction by Ian Craine and Samir El-Youssef
Anita Desai’s Ca'Foscsari Prize acceptance speech, Venice 2008
Art Essay: Israeli Art Reflecting Cultural Trauma
Articles on the East End Bildungsroman from Israel Zangwill to Monica Ali, Cixous and Derrida, Nazi Cinema, Fanon and Klüger
Reviews of Jacqueline Rose's The Last Resistance and Question of Zion, Linda Grant's The People on the Street: A Writer’s View of Israel, Rozena Maart's The Writing Circle, Estha David's Shalom India Housing Society and Arun Kundnani's The End of Tolerance

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