Wasafiri Issue 112

Edited by Darren ChettyAngelique Golding, and Nicola RollockWasafiri 112: Reimagining Education considers what education means within and beyond the classroom, investigating government intervention and the reclamation and exploration of decolonisation, and addressing the forces of change and continuity in Britain today. Featuring interviews with Inua Ellams, Gary Younge, and Steve Garner; fiction from Durre Shawar and Jade E Bradford; poetry from Salena Godden; life writing from Diane Leedham, and much more, this is an issue not to be missed.

Editorial Where Do We Go From Here?

Interviews Gary Younge; Inua Ellams; Steve Garner

Articles Pedagogies of Defiance; Educational Grief; Diversifying or Decolonising: How Do We Teach Black History?; A ‘Balanced’ History of Empire: Sathnam Sanghera’s Empireland and Other Colonial Anti-Colonial Histories

Art On Art and Friendship: Expanding What Relation Can Be

Fiction Jade E Bradford; Durre Shahwar;

Poetry Marvin Thompson; Bakita Kasadha; Salena Godden

Life Writing Diane Leedham

Review Essay: The Past – and Future – of Black Britishness in Children's Books

Reviews Lisa Allen Agostini, The Bread the Devil Knead; Mukoma Wa Ngugi, Unbury Our Dead With Song; Yousif M Qasmiyeh, Writing the Camp

and more...

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