Wasafiri Bundle – Translating Lives

Edited by Farhaana Arefin and Malachi McIntosh, Wasafiri 111: Translating Lives considers translation as a practice and as a metaphor for all creative writing. With fiction from Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o and Chinmay Sharma, a conversation with Will Harris, a special selection of life writing curated by Nina Mingya Powles and Stacey Teague, poetry from Hu Xudong, Jane Wong, and more, it's an issue that delves into the heart of what translation means for the writer, translator, and reader.

In celebration of Wasafiri 111, and exclusively on the Wasafiri website, we're offering a bundle of four issues for £33: Wasafiri 111: Translating Lives, Wasafiri 102: Japan: Literatures of Remembering, Wasafiri 82: The Brazilian Contemporary, and Wasafiri 40: Focus on Translation, our very first translation-focused issue. Together, these four issues provide a wide-ranging and global look at the nuances and meaning of translation over the last twenty years.

Wasafiri 111: Translating Lives

Editorial The Intimate, Impossible Act of Translation

Interviews Mona Baker and Vicente Rafael; Billy Ray Belcourt and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson; Will Harris

Articles Spoken Wor(l)ds; Reading Black Childhoods in Chains and Crongton Knights; Translation as Culture in the Age of the Machine

Art A Taste of Salt/‘Goute Sel’: Artistic Collaboration at the Ghetto Biennale

Fiction Chinmay Sharma; Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

Poetry Tammy Lai-Ming Ho; Jane Wong; Hu Xudong, trans. by Eleanor Goodman; Rhiya Pau

Life Writing Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Archana Madhavan, Zahra Patterson, Nina Mingya Powles, and Stacey Teague: Mother Tongues; Nandana Dev Sen: The Shivering Rope

Review Essay Translating Lives, Lives Translated

Reviews Isabel Balseiro and Zachariah Rapola, eds, The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports: African Literature of Travel in the Twenty-First Century; Chris Beckett and Alemu Tebeje, eds, Songs We Learn from Trees: An Anthology of Ethiopian Amharic Poetry; Fatima Daas, The Last One; Vera Júlíusdóttir and Becca Parkinson, The Book of Reykjavik

and more...

Wasafiri 102: Japan: Literatures of Remembering

Editorial The Making and Re-making of Memory

Interview Mieko Kawakami

Articles Hayao Miyazaki’s European Animation; Poems of the Perilous Season: Akiko’s Princess Saho; Unruly Subjects in 'Walking a Street Named Peace' and Tokyo Ueno Station; Hibakusha Memories: Between the Generations

Art Manga as Memory: Cocoon, In this Corner of the World and Popular History, The Politics of Ownership: Notes on Miyako Ishiuchi’s Photographs

Fiction Hideo Furukawa, Minako Ōba

Poetry Mimi Hachikai, Tamiki Hara, Hiromi Itō, Naha Kanie, Mieko Kawakami, Martha Nakamura, Sayaka Ōsaki, Ryōichi Wagō

Life Writing Kumiko Kakehashi, Susan Southard

Review Essay The Transformation of Identity in Contemporary Japanese Fiction

Reviews Osamu Dazai, A Shameful Life; Hiromi Kawakami, The Ten Loves of Mr Nishino; Aoko Matsuda, Where the Wild Ladies Are; Yoko Tawada, The Last Children of Tokyo

and more..

Wasafiri 82: The Brazilian Contemporary

Fiction Susana Fuentes, Leila Guenther, Joâo Gilberto Noll, Ana Paula Maia, Elvira Vigna and Paloma Vidal

by Josely Vianna Baptista, Paulo Henriques Britto, Marilia Garcia, Ferreira Gullar, Nuno Ramos and Marcos Siscar

Interviews with Sérgio de Carvalho and Marcelo Marisola

Articles Displacements of Theory, The Tombeau of the Avant-Gardes, Translating Brazil, Pixação and Tourist Appraisal

Art Essay The Ruse of Brazilian Art

Reviews Hilda Hilst's The Obscene Madame D, Lydia Fagundes Telles 's The Girl in the Photograph, Rachel de Queiroz's O Quinze

and more...

Wasafiri 40: Focus on Translation 

Interviews Austin Clarke, Lubaina Himid and Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Poems Mark Czanik, Cecep Syamsul Hari, Sitok Srengenge and Frances Thompson

 Gaps and Bridges Between Chinese and English, Judging Translations, Dance and Translation

Reviews Assia Djebar's Algerian White, Hanan al-Shaykh's Only in London, Mahesweta Devi's Chotti Munda and His Arrow and Gaston-Paul Effa's All That Blue

and more...

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