Alex Tickell

Associate Editor

Alex Tickell is Senior Lecturer in English at the Open University, UK, and is the Director of the OU’s Postcolonial and Global Literatures Research Group. He specialises in the Anglophone literary histories of South Asia and Southeast Asia and conjunctions of literature and politics. Tickell has written extensively on colonial literary cultures and has published journal articles on Rudyard Kipling, Indian authors of the Edwardian period, and fictions of the 1857 Indian Rebellion. He has republished writing by some of the earliest Indian authors of fiction in English, the Dutt cousins, who were active in the 1830s and 40s. This work was the basis for a monograph: Terrorism, Insurgency and Indian-English Literature: 1830-1947 (Routledge 2012).

Alex also researches contemporary fiction and has published a Routledge guide to Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things and recently edited an essay collection, South-Asian Fiction in English: Contemporary Transformations (Palgrave 2016). He was part of the Leverhulme Research network on ‘Planned Violence’ (2014-16) which examined post/colonial city planning as a form of structural violence and is currently working on a monograph on fictions of urban community in the so-called ‘New India’.  Alex Tickell is the editor of The Oxford History of the Novel in English (Vol 10): The Novel in South and South East Asia since 1945 (forthcoming 2018).