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13 September 2021

Tending by Eileen Chong

  A weed: un wanted plantin mimicry of its surrounds                Bare-armed women               sluice dead matter down drains  Horsehair broom bristlesaffixed with horse glue                 An eye discerns               one un like the others  Grass grows above iron, towards light                 Even leaves               have teeth                                 *                 Even leaves               have teeth  Grass roots regenerate blades                  Break in                crazed patterns  Herds stamp wild as wind through blood                 My mother’s dark                 hair an un bound river  Under growth: persistskyward; sun-memory    Eileen Chong is a poet and the author of nine books. Her latest collection is A Thousand Crimson Blooms from the University of Queensland Press, Australia. Her work has been shortlisted for many awards and prizes, including twice for the Prime Minister's Literary Award. She lives and works on unceded Gadigal land of the Eora Nation. Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash
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