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Books Received

This a list of books received at our office; a selection of these titles will be reviewed in one of the future issues of Wasafiri. If you are interested in reviewing one or two of these titles (in 900 - 1200 words), contact the reviews editor. Please mention which title/s you would like to review; also include a recent sample of your writing (preferably a book review), as well as a short CV, your affiliation and contact details.

We would like to consider reviews of the following combinations:


Telling Tales
Patience Agbabi
Canon gate Books, Edinburgh, 2014, hb



The Cartographer Tries To Map A Way to Zion
Kei Miller
Carcanet Press, Manchester, 2014, pb


Indian Writing in English and the Global Literary Market
Om Prakash Dwivedi and Lisa Lau
Palgrave, London, 2014, hb



Reading Across Worlds: Transnational Book Groups and the Reception of Difference
James Proctor
Palgrave, London, 2014, hb


Stylistic Approaches to Nigerian Fiction
Daria Tunca
Palgrave, London, 2014, hb



The People's Right to the Novel: War Fiction in the Postcolony
Eleni Coundouriotis
Fordham UP, Bronx, 2014, hb


Early African Entertainments Abroad: From the Hottentot Venus to Africa's First Olympians
Bernth Lindfors
Wisconsin UP, Madison, 2014, pb 



African Theare 13: Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Wole Soyinka
Martin Banham, James Gibbs, Femi Osofisan, ed
James Currey, Martlesham, 2014, pb


The Tyranny of Trust
Neil Gevisser
Book Guild, Hove, 2014, pb



Babette Brown
White fox Publishing, London, 2014, pb


Dear Infidel
Tamim Sadkall
Hansib Publications, Hertford, 2014, pb



Qaisra Shahraz
Arcadia Books, London, 2013, pb


Swamp: Walking the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain: Poems
Nandi Chinna
Fremantle Press, Fremantle, 2014, pb


Conversations I've Never Had
Caitlin Mailing
Fremantle Press, North Fremantle, 2014, pb


The following books are also available for review:


No Country: Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalisation
Sonali Perera
Columbia, UP, New York, 2014, hb


Contemporary Fictions of Multiculturalism: Diversity and the Millennial London Novel
Michael Perfect
Palgrave, London, 2014, hb

  The Life of Captain Cipriano: An Account of British Government in the West Indies, with the Pamphet The Case for West Indian Self Governemnt
C L R James
Duke UP, Durham, 2014, pb

CLR James in imperial Britain
Christian HØgsbjerg
Duke UP, Durham, 2014, pb


Arab Jazz
Karim Miske
MacLehose Press, London, 2014, hb


Killing Sahara
Mukoma Wa Ngugi
Kwela, Roggebaai, 2014, pb


By Night the Mountain Burns
Juan Tomas Avila Laurel
And Other Stories, High Wycombe, 2014, pb

The Alphabet of Birds
S J Naude
And Other Stories, High Wycombe, 2014, pb

Ada: A Victim of Fate and Cultural Circumstance
Barclays N Amadi
Book Guild, Hove, 2014, pb

And Then Came Paulette
Barbara Constantine
MacLeHose Press, London, 2014, hb

  Emptiness: asian poems 1998 - 2012
John Matteer
Fremantle Press, Fremantle, 2014, pb

Poems For A Century: An Anthology of Nigeria
Tope Omoniyi, ed
Amazon Press, Dakar, 2014, pb

The Old People
A J Perry
Thames River Press, London, 2014, pb 


Discourses of Postcolonialism in Contemporary British Children's Literature
Blanka Grzegorczyk
Routledge, London, 2014, hb

  Black Performance Theory
Thomas F deFrantz and Anita Gonzalez
Duke UP, Durham, 2014, pb

Wandering: Philosophical Performances of Racial and Sexual Freedom
Sarah Jane Cervenak
Duke UP, Durham, 2014, pb

Magical Realism and Cosmopolitanism: Strategizing Belonging
Kim Anderson Sasser
Palgrave, London, 2014, hb

Fighting Cane and Canon: Abhimanyu Unnuth and the Case of World Literature in Mauritius
Rashi Rohatgi
Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2014, hb

Leaving by Plane Swimming back Underwater
Lawrence Scott
Papillote Press, London, 2014, pb
When God is a Traveller
Arundhathi Subramaniam
Bloodaxe, Hexham, 2014, pb

Feast of the Innocents
Evelio Rosero
MacLehose Press, London, 2014, hb


Fauji Banta Singh and Other Stories
Sadhu Binnings
Tsar Books, Toronto, 2014, pb

  Midnight, Dhaka
Mir Mahfuz Ali
Seren Press, Bridgend, 2014, pb

Iain Britton
Kilmog Press, Dunedin, 2014, hb


  Satans and Shaitans
Obinna Udenwe
Jacaranda Books, London, 2014, pb
  Selected Poems
Kamala Das
Devindra Kohli, ed
Penguin India, Gurgaon, 2014, pb
Vidyan Ravinthiran
Bloodaxe Books, Tarset, 2014, pb
  Boy, Snow, Bird
Helen Oyeyemi
Picador, London, 2014, hb
   Dreams of Flight
Jena Woodhouse
Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide, 2014, pb
  The Sermon on the Fall of Rome
Jerome Ferrari
Maclehose Press, London, 2014, hb

Soy Realidad
Tomaz Salamun
Michael Thomas Taren, trans
Dalkey Archive Press, London, 2014, pb

  Ten: The New Wave
Karen McCarthy Woolf, ed
Bloodaxe, Hexam, 2014, pb



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